At MTC we are committed to maintaining our environment responsibly and as such are often involved in small scale planting projects (see Gallery!) however we've always said it would be nice to plant more trees than we remove and as such we have been looking for places suitable for large scale tree planting projects.

If you have an area like this please get in touch!

We can plant approximately 400 per acre depending on the species.

If you are interested in funding some tree planting please also get in touch... Briefly what we are offering is the opportunity for you or your business to sponsor the planting of 200 trees at a time - we initially have room for 1000 trees with a potential second site with room for 500.

We are planting juvenile saplings (20cm - 60cm) in height with a cane and spiral guard for protection while it becomes established. The initial site suits a mixture of tall standing sycamores with an undergrowth of hawthorn, blackthorn and hazel, providing habitat for birds and other wildlife in a valley just east of Macclesfield.

The cost of sponsoring this kind of project is £1000 per 200 trees, at £5 per tree this is something you could tag on as an optional extra with a purchase or you could simply use it as a good news story or to help you meet the requirements of your own environmental policy.